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Refreshing Treats that Will Cool You Down This Summer!

Don’t let the hot and dry weather stop you from enjoying the summer season. Find some ways to level down the heat by trying out these refreshing and delectable summer treats!

Halo-Halo (Haluhalo)

Halo-halo is a well-loved Filipino dessert or snack which literally means as “mixed together.” This is typically a mixture of shaved ice, evaporated milk, and many other ingredients, like beans, sweet yam, leche flan, jello, pinipig (pounded dried rice), langka (jackfruit), sweetened saba (plantain) and many more. You’ll find different version of this summer treat in almost any part of the world, like Korea’s Patbingsu, Japan’s Kakigori, and the likes.


Looking for the perfect thirst-quencher when the hot summer days come in? Something cold, sweet, but flavorful, you say? Then, maybe you’re talking about milkshake. This refreshing and delightful beverage is usually created with ice cream, milk or iced milk mixed with other sweeteners, like fruit syrup, melted chocolates, and other types of flavorings. Traditionally, the preparation includes mixing the shake by hands using a drink mixer or blender through a stainless cup.


If you prefer something healthy, delicious, and refreshing at the same time, then smoothie might just be the best choice for you. Just like the milkshake, smoothie is also famous due to its thick and creamy texture. However, unlike milkshake most smoothies are made from fresh vegetables and fruits which are usually blended with ice, water, and other sweeteners. But, there are people who prefer to drink it raw without any other mixes.

Frappé Mixes

Out of all the desserts listed, you are probably most familiar with this drink. Frappé, as you know, is one of the mainstay drinks in any coffee shop you’ll see in the metro. This is not surprising because, this drink can be consumed anytime, be it during rainy or sunny season. Originally, this foam-covered drink is just made from iced coffee drink topped with whipped cream, but as time passes by people created different variations out of its original recipe.

Find a way to tone down the temperature by trying out any or all of these treats. If you want you further explore some other options to find a summer snack that will match your taste buds.


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