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Bartending 101: 5 Things You Should Know as a Bartender

The job of a bartender goes way beyond than just simply mixing and pouring in drinks. It is in fact one of the most demanding jobs, as it requires serious skills set which can be achieved by years and years of training. So, to give you a brief background about bartending, here’s a list of basic know-hows for you.

The Bar Is a Stage & You Are the Performer

The moment you take a step behind the bar, you must ready to show people what you’ve got, just like the way performers do when on stage. As you know, customers are constantly interested about what’s happening behind the bar. That’s why you need to be confident, accommodating, and friendly no matter what. Though there might be times where you feel like nobody’s watching, you still need to be consistent on setting the mood.

Your Job Is to Keep Your Customers Happy

As a bartender, you should know that your job is based on your guests. People come, sit, and drink at your bar because they are satisfied with your service. This only goes to show that every single person coming in is a valued guest and your job evolves in keeping them happy and contended.

Your Duty Is in Front & Behind the Bar

Next to the guests, keeping your work place clean and in order is also part of your job. This includes ensuring the bar is well-stocked, as well as setting the next great event in it. As a whole, you need to be attentive and observant on everything.

Be a Multitasker

Other than addressing to customer requests, you should know that your job goes way beyond that. In fact, you need to train yourself to do at least two to three things at a time especially when you have a high volume of guests. People tend to become impatient when you ask them to repeat what they said. So, try to remember their orders at once and bring it to them at the soonest time possible.

Always Keep Your Calm

There will always be cranky and quick-tempered customers, and if ever you’ve come face-to-face with them, don’t lose your composure. In fact, the best way to deal with this kind of guest is to stay cool, try to calm them down and offer them the best thing you have in the house.


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