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Delectable & Authentic Pinoy Desserts

5 Well-Loved Filipino Dishes for the Sweet Tooth in You

Wrap up your Filipino dining experience by tasting some of the country’s sweet, heavenly, and scrumptious desserts. Though it is quite impossible to include all of them in just one post, there are just some that make it a little over the top compared to others. Find out if your favorite Pinoy treats made it on this list when you continue reading this page.

Leche Flan

Hailed as the country’s top and most well-loved Pinoy dessert, Leche Flan is a sweet, velvety, and succulent dessert that is closely similar to Europe’s creme caramel. It is usually served on various events, like Christmas, Weddings, New Year, Fiestas, and etc. The main ingredient for this dessert includes egg yolk, milk, and caramelized brown sugar.


Sorbetes is the Philippine’s version of the West’s frozen dessert which is known as ice cream. What’s so unique about sorbetes is it uses local coconut milk, instead of cow’s or other animal’s milk. Along with that, this dessert comes in variety of flavors and colors. Depending on what you like, sorbetes is typically served in wafer cones (apa), bread buns, and even tiny plastic cups.

Ube Halaya

This next treat is not only famous because of its taste, but also because of its bright and vibrant purple color. Ube or purple yam abundantly grows in the northern region of the country. Filipinos, being Filipinos decided to make something out of it, enter the Ube Halaya. Compared to other desserts on this list, ube halaya takes some time when it comes to preparation and cooking process. Regardless, the outcome is one tasty, sticky, and flavorful dessert which can be eaten as it is or can be used as topping to Halo-Halo.

Pastillas de Leche & Yema

Yet another milk-based dessert, pastillas de leche and yema are often prepared as candies. This combo almost have the same cooking process, they only differs with the ingredients. Both delicacies can be packed individually using paper or cellophane. One can say that this is Filipino’s creamier take on the Western’s sugar-based candies.

Ginataang Bilo-Bilo

Generally made with gata (coconut milk), ginataan can be referred to various kinds of viands and desserts using gata. The term itself literally means, “made with coconut milk.” Focusing on the sweet side of ginataan, bilo-bilo is certainly the most well-known of among all of them. This is like halo-halo only it is in liquid and soup-like form and uses gata as the main ingredient.


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