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5 Authentic Filipino Food That Are Worth the Try


Philippines is more than just the home for the most beautiful beaches and cultural sights in the world. In fact, other than its marvelous wonders of nature, the country is also quite famous for its sometimes weird yet delicious cuisine. So, to help you make the most out of your dining experience here in the Philippines, here’s a list of food you should never miss when you happen to visit the country.

Pork or Chicken Adobo

This is probably the most well-known classic Filipino dish you’ll ever find in the country. The recipe normally includes meat, pork or chicken (or sometimes string beans), which is then simmered in a marinade of soy sauce, garlic, oil, and vinegar. Depending on whose recipe you taste, it can either have potatoes, carrots, capsicum, and onions. Both locals and foreigners enjoy this dish due to its distinctive and flavorful taste.


Kare-Kare or when translated also known as oxtail stew is certainly one of the meals you should try when in Philippines. It usually has a thick texture which may taste like a peanut butter at first, but as you continue to chow down some more you’ll be able to find its actual taste. The dish is usually served with shrimp paste (alamang) spiced with calamansi and chili.

Lechon (Litson)

Experience the unforgettable combination of crispiness and tenderness when you try Lechon. The dish is characterizes by immaculately roasted meat (pork) accompanied with gravy or ketchup or a sauce (sarsa). This is perfect to eat with rice or paired up with a beer as your pulutan (beer snack).

+Silog Meals

If you’re wondering what SiLog means, here’s a quick etymology for the term. Si stands for Sinangag (Fried Rice), while Log stands for itlog (egg) put them together and you’ll certainly enjoy a typically Filipino breakfast. However, silog meal can’t just stand by itself because you will need to add one more dish. For example, hotdog plus the silog will then create a “hotsilog” meal and a silog with corned beef will then produce “cornsilog.” Quite interesting isn’t?

Sinigang (Sour Filipino Soup or Stew)

Generally, sinigang is define as a meat-based (can be pork, chicken, beef or fish) soup or stew with lots of vegetables and is sour in taste. Wondering where does the dish get its sour taste? Well, one of the most commonly used souring agent for sinigang is tamarind (sampalok) or bilimbi fruit (kamias). What’s so unique about this dish is though it is sour, you can still taste a various mix of flavors which cannot be tasted at any viand in the country.


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